Friday, May 18, 2012

100+ Posts!

I finally made it over 100 posts.  When I first started this Blog I did not know how much I would like doing it, or how often I would post.  I initially went crazy and posted up 10 or so posts a day to get at much content as possible on the Blog.  Since then I have averaged out to around 2 posts a week, which seems to be manageable for me with family, work, and modeling....  Thanks to all for your words of encouragement, and positive support.  More to come.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Plague Sorcerer, Marines, and Champion - Painting update

Got my five latest Nurgle additions primered up and ready for paint.  I went with my new standard of using both black and white primers. I am really happy with how these turned out, especially considering I only had one pair of legs, and some regular space marine bits.  Everything else was constructed from Tyranid, Daemon, and green stuff.  Almost 300 points from left over bits and a few hours of work!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Blogger's Best #5

Blogger's Best is my ongoing series featuring the work of the most inspiring modelers and painters that I have come across recently, in order to share their work with others and to help support the individual blogs and artists. Personally much inspiration has been obtained from the daily hunts sifting through the blogs, and I felt obligated to pay a little homage in return.

James Wappel Miniature Painting displays the one of the best painted Eldar vehicles I have seen in a while and the custom energy sculpting looks great to boot.  If that wasn't enough he also posted his fantastic Lucius the Eternal, which demonstrated his blending talents.

Rafa Coll Blog is just down right amazing, with his violinist diorama that shows some truly skilled work.  Sets a higher standard for any miniature artist.

Modern Sythesist has a custom squad of Dark Eldar Wracks that truly needs to be seen.  A lot of intricate work has gone into these.

White Metal Games has a innovative take on the Canoptek Wraiths mid phase coming in and out of the scenery bases.  Really looking forward to seeing these painted and finished... like I'm one to talk, I have a hard time finishing most projects. really has weathering down to a science.  I need to revisit this piece the next time I am painting any armored vehicle.  Seriously man you have some great talent.

Bestienmeister is working on some award winning painting.  The shading and blending is a work of art. Love to see the finished product.

Studio City created a beautiful Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer with a combination of many bits and green stuff.

That is all for this time, be back soon with another Blogger's Best...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Plague Marine Champion

The newest addition to the Nurgle forces, my Plague Marine Champion with Power Fist.  Still not having any extra legs in my bits box, I am forced to get a little creative with the lower half.   I decided to go with something a bit more mechanical and added three robotic blade legs, with a fourth hoofed foot.

A little hard to see but I added a set of 3 vents to the backpack on one side in true Nurgle fashion.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Three new Plague Marines

Here are the latest additions to my Plague Marines.  I didn't really have any legs left in my bitz box, so I looked at it as a challenge and a way to make something from left over bits and pieces.  The look does fair well with the rest of my army, especially with my Great Unclean one and my Plague Spawn.

Another lack of bits that posed a problem, was having no Meltas.  Since I already had some Plasmas modeled up, I wanted to add a couple flamers. (fingers crossed for poison flamers in new codex).

I used primarily old Tyranid parts combined with a few left over arms and green stuff to combine the look.  A little dremmel drill weathering and some sand for rust, and all finished up.  This puts my plague Marines up to 14 total for 2 squads of 7, including 2 champs and 4 special weapons.  Hope you like them...

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