Monday, January 16, 2012

Ork Clans United - Army Progress so far

In my continuing efforts to document my progress, and keep me motivated, I am posting my Ork clans Army progress so far.  I have decided to only post my vehicles and HQ's, to keep it some what short.

We will start of with the Goffs, which at the moment, have a Battlewagon, and 20 Ard' Boys with a squad of five Nob Bikers (post coming soon), led by a Warboss.

Followed by the Deathskulls who are led by A Big Mek equipped with a Burna and a Kustom Force Field.  He usually hangs out in the backfield protecting the Looted Wagon (which needs a bigger barrel).

After that is my Fast Attack section which seemed only right to reserve those slots for the Evil Suns or Speed Freaks.  These guys play the role of my anti-tank, and distraction units.  Three Warbuggies with twin-linked Rokkits, and Five Deffkoptas with twin-linked Rokkits (4 of the 5 pictured)

The Bad Moons are my personal favorite so far.  A squad of Killakans (which need to be re-based onto 60's mm... grumble..) lead by a Dread with two additional Close Combat weapons.  Supported by my favorite little Grot Kannons, as the Big Gunz.

Still very early in the making is the Blood Axes.  I plan on painting these guys in a desert cammo  theme, and give all the Boyz Beret's and guns with Bayonets to help them feel like a regimented squad.  The only thing completed at this time is their transportation, a single Trukk.

While being one of my favorite Clans, this is the one I have the hardest time with, the Sanke Bites.  Love the clan, but feel they are a little too dated with the bow and arrows, and rock throwing for my tastes.  I wanted mine to be a little more technologically advanced, and focus more on the animal aspect of the Clan.  My plan is to have my Battlewagon/Squiggoth accompanied by a group of Mega-Squigs/Mega-Nobz, led by a Wierdboy or possibly a Warboss with Big Choppa modeled after a giant Grot-herder.  Really excited about building the Mega-Squigs, but would like to find a decent base model, or at least a large mouth I can wrap a body and legs around with Greenstuff.  Much more to come on this soon... Hopefully.


Mordian7th said...

Very cool stuff! Love the Big Mek with the gyro-stabilized monowheel - nothing beats an ork army for sheer 'kustomizashun' potential. Keep up the great work!

Warhammer In Progress said...

Yeah, Orks and Daemons are my favorite armies, as you can pretty much get away with anything. Thanks for the kind words!

Pete said...

There's surely a good omen in my seeing thy giant Star Wars lizard moments after sticking the original flick in the DVD-player! Nice work, mate!

uniteallaction said...

love your Blog its Great!

Im following you now!

You can follow me too, because i Got a Painting blog! at

Warhammer In Progress said...

Pete - Yeah I figure combine the best of both worlds, and be able to enjoy some of my old Star Wars toys while playing 40k.

uniteallaction - Holy crap, you got a great site, gonna need a few months to go through it all. Added you to as well, will get you updated on the Blog roll as well.

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