Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Slaanesh Army Progress - Chaos Space Marines

HQ:  Slaanesh Daemon Prince with Lash of Submission:
Made from the Daemon Prince kit, with a few Tyranid crushing claws, and hair from the Slaanesh Daemonettes.  Made some modifications to the back to allow another set of arms to be added.  Paint scheme is completely undecided at this point... updates to come

TROOPS: 10 Noise Marines with Sonic Blasters, and Champ with Blast Master:
The Noise Marines were based off the AoBR set.  I took the gargoyle head gun idea from one of the blogs I follow (sorry, I can't remember the exact blog).  OOP Chaos backpacks were substituted and a generous amount of greenstuff was used to chaos'ify them a bit.  I started these models with white primer and used blue, black, and pink washes.  When the washes were applied to the models I tipped them over on various sides so the blue would run to one side and the pink would run to the other, and the black would run down.  As usual these models are unfinished and still need a decent amount paint work.  I am fairly happy with the way these turned out and they gained a decent amount of detail on the blue areas without using any fine brush work.


TROOPS: 6 Summoned Daemons
Fiends of Slaanesh are one of the best elite options for Chaos Daemons but unfortunately they have some of the oldest, unsightly, and expensive models.  This squad was made from a box of Slaanesh Seekers +1 extra model purchased from eBay (project cost: $28 for 190pts, instead of $130+ retail ).

I started by removing the saddle and stirrup from the model with a razor blade, then attaching some left over Ork arms.  I cut the Ork hands off and replaced them with the claws from the Slaanesh Daemonettes.  A few extra spiky bits were glued/greenstuffed to the spine.

Over all this was a fairly simple modification with decent results, and still fits with the overall feeling of Slaanesh.

ELITES: 1 Dreadnought with "run as" Plasma -or- Missle Launcher and Heavy Flamer
This was made from an AoBR Dreadnought with a pound of greenstuff and CCW from an OOP CSM Dread. Tried out a new wash on this, not too sure how happy I was with the effect...

The Chaos dreads don't seem to be that effective due to the crazed rule, but they make a great firing platform when teamed with my Noise Marines.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Plague Bugs - Nurgle Army progress so far - Chaos Space Marines

This is the progress of my ongoing Nurgle Army the Plague Bugs.  I wanted something a little different than most other Nurgle armies so I decided to concentrate less on the disease aspect of the army and focus in on the insect, cloud of flies, fluff a little more.  So it only seemed natural to use Tyranid parts for this project.

We will start off with the Troops, so far I have a set of 10, I know not very Nurgle of me, but it was what I had.  I plan on making 4 more (Champion, 2 special weapons, and vanilla) so I have 2 squads of 7 with special weapons.

Next we have the transport, a Nugle Rhino with Havoc Launcher.  I can run this with extra armor or Daemonic Possesion if needed but the cost rarely seem worth the points.  Hopefully in the new Chaos Space Marine/Renegade/Legions codex we will get some additional options for transport... Dread Claw finally... hopefully...  When the new codex comes out, I will decide on what the second transport will be.

Now for the all impressive Chaos Space Marine Fast Attack section.  Normally would not put any effort into this section, but it was a dual purpose model for my Chaos Daemon army as well.  Unfortunately it does not matter if I run these as my Chaos Spawn, or Beast of Nurgle they perform about the same... poorly.  But since I am running a dedicated Nurgle list, I wanted to include them. Here is the set of 3:

Next up is the HQ section.  One Chaos Space Marine Nurgle Daemon Prince.  I am not finished with the weathering, greenstuff, or additional Nid parts, but here is where it stands now...

Lastly is the Nurgle Defiler, or the Plague Spider.  As with the DP, still need to weather, greenstuff, and some additional Nid bits.  The Plague Spider is equipped with a Heavy Flamer and Heavy Bolter.

Still left to build:
  • 2 squads of 7 Summoned Deamons
  • 1 Greater Deamon (which will double as my Great Unclean One/Kugath for Chaos Deamon list)
  • Unknown Heavy Support tank....
As always comments always welcome...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What model would you proxy this as? Bloodthirster, Skulltaker, Khorne Herald w Chariot, Khorne Daemon Prince

This model was originally created as my Khorne Daemon Prince, but as I started paying Chaos Daemons, I started thinking about what other slots this model could fill.  Here are some possible options:

  • Bloodthirster - always a sound choice
  • Skulltaker - maybe a bit overpriced compared to the Herald, but have heard people swear by him
  • Herald of Khorne on Chariot - also seems pretty like a good option with so many wounds and bonuses from the chariot, he is like a mini-monstrous creature.
  • Daemon Prince of Khorne - probably the worst choice for a DP, but still fun if you are going for a Khorne theme.

As always your thoughts and comments are always welcome...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ork - Deathskulls Big Mek with KFF Painting Update

Here is the latest painting update, I'll let the pics show the progress.

Good view of the Kustom Force Field.

This is a nice shot showing how drastically the model is banking.

Steps Completed:

  • 3 colors of green applied to skin
  • Yellow cable for highlight colors
  • 3 colors of metallic paints applied to engine, Kustom Force Field (KFF), burna, tires...
  • Black wash applied to complete model
  • Sponge silver paint, and silver Sharpie used for battle damage on the metallic areas
  • Base painted in the sand stone test #1 post

Friday, November 25, 2011

First Paint Test - Unmarked Chaos Space Marine Defiler

This is the first paint test for my heavily possessed CSM army.  I have included some close-ups of the green stuffed areas, apologize for the lighting, still trying to get something that does not wash out the highlight areas... maybe need a different color backdrop.

BTW, I am still hoping for some feedback on other possible color schemes for the fleshy areas, and possible Chapter choice for this army, I know could be a little late since I have already based the entire army in red but....

I plan on repainting the teeth, gums, tongue and slime, but this shot shows some of the work that went into the skull, and mouth. 

Paint test #1: Zombie Flesh (CSM Defiler)
  1. Covered the flesh in Delta Ceramcoat (DC) AC Flesh
  2. Light wash of black
  3. Drybrush of  DC AC Flesh
  4. Drybrush of DC Pale Lilac
  5. Drybrush of DC Green Tea

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Scenery Terrain - Hill with destroyed Chimera

Here is some more unfinished scenery/terrain.  A wooden cutout started the base of this with sand glued to a card board structure.  The tank was twisted and torn apart with pliers and wire cutters, and has been painted to a decent level for scenery.  The red sand color hill still needs to be finished to match my other projects.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Need Help deciding on Chaos Space Marine Chapter: possible Hakanor's Reavers?

So I need some guidance and ideas regarding what Chapter best fits the look of my currently unmarked Chaos Space Marines.  I have been holding off on any additional colors as I want it to reflect what chapter I am going for.  Obviously, red will cover the majority of the model but the undecided accent colors will help associate it with my mystery CSM Chapter.

Please leave your thoughts on what color paint and Chapter you think would look the best.

One friend has suggested Hakanor's Reavers which does fit nicely....

Here some info from the Lexicanum...
Hakanor's Reavers
"Hakanor's Reavers are a group of Chaos Space Marines under the leadership of Hakanor, a Daemon Prince formerly known as the Chapter Master Prometian. The armour of these warriors burns with a magical heat, causing it to constantly crack and reform like lava."

Current Un-marked List Includes:
All comments welcome...

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