Monday, April 16, 2012

Great Unclean One / Ku'Gath / Greater Daemon - Painting update

Here is the latest update on my Great Unclean One / Ku'Gath / Greater Daemon model.  I went through a series of 4 washes on top of my high/low black/white primer.  I started with a black wash, followed by a green wash, dark, green wash, brown wash, and back to a black wash. 

I believe the colors are a bit washed out, maybe due to the lighting or bulb choice.  The actual model appears to be much greener than these pictures depict.  I am still trying to get my lighting and backdrop perfected.  I have been adding a bit more color to the back drop and have added a second light source for these shots.

Next step will be to add in the bone color for many of the spikes and appendages, followed by the metallic copper/bronze for the armor and weapons.  Updates to come...


Tony said...


That kinda looks awesome.

Warhammer In Progress said...

Thanks Tony, looking forward to getting some more work done on it soon.

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