If you would like to join the W.I.P. Blogroll, please follow these guidelines:
  • Become a Follower of Warhammer In Progress.
  • Post a comment on this page letting me know your Blog's name
  • Blogs must be focused on painting, converting, or scratch-building miniatures.
  • Since your blog posts will appear on the front page, please refrain from any use of obscene language, nudity, and racist remarks.  
  • Blogs must be active, and updated monthly.
Once accepted, I will add you to the W.I.P. Blogroll and update your Blog on the members list featured on this page.  W.I.P. Blogroll additions will be made around twice a month. 

Please note, I have already added many of the blogs I currently follow to the W.I.P. Blogroll. If you are already listed please become a follower and keep up the great work.  Thanks for visiting and happy modeling.

W.I.P. Blogroll Members


JasoX said...

All things deathwatch --->


pijamas said...

Hi there!
I would like to join this group:

ARBAL said...

I would like to join this group:

Coloured Dust

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