Monday, February 27, 2012

Nurgle Obliterators - Skaven Rat Ogre Conversion (2 of 4)

Here is the second Obliterator, can't wait to start up the second batch of two more.  I ended up modding this one out with a Lascannon, Heavy Flamer, Plasma Gun, and a random OOP Bolter? I think...

Another Daemon Prince armor bit was added to the arm to cover part of the Lascannon. Another thing to mention are the fists of this model,  They really have a lot of conversion potential. I can see them being used on an Ork Warboss in the near future.

 Added some Guitar string for the power cables leading from the Lascannon to the tanks.

The next two shots show some of the green stuff corruption, couple boils, sores, etc...

The head and neck looked a little puny on its own, so a hefty amount of green stuff tumors and the like were added to help beef it up a bit.

Coming in the next few days, updates on my Great Unclean One / Ku'Gath conversion.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nurgle Obliterators - Skaven Rat Ogre Conversion (1 of 4)

Here is the first of my Nurgle Obliterators.  These are based off the Island of Blood Rat Ogres which I picked up from eBay for about 10 bucks.  Combined with some left over random guns and a few Tryranid bits, these things addes some nice points to my Nurgle army

Not totally sure, but I think the head is from the Fantasy Ogres. 

Here is a good shot of the Plasma Cannon, Lascannon, and Heavy Flamer.  All the different gun options available to the Obliterators make these a fun conversion project.  I originally only planned on making 2, but after I started I realized I will definitely be making 2 more...  Plus the 300 point addition for $20 is hard to beat.

A left over amour piece from a Deamon Prince kit makes for a nice shoulder pad, and helps add a little more 40k to this Fantasy model.

A Tyranid arm piece? I think? holds the heavy weapons above the head.  This view also displays the piano wire I used to add some more detail to the Plasma Cannon, and some green stuff corruption work.

One down and three to go.  Updates coming soon...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blogger's Best #1

This will be the first of an ongoing series featuring some inspiring modeler/painters that I have come across this week or month...  Hopefully I will be able to share some highlights of the Interwebs with ya... Please take the time to visit these sites, and leave a comment if you really like it.

Wargamer Hub came out with some cool Grey Knights on lava bases.

Arsies Studio featured one of the best painted Ultra Marine Land Raiders I have seen.

Apocalypse 40K has a beautiful scratch built Eldar Super Heavy Flyer.

Aliens, Trees, and Skulls has a pile of stylish Chaos conversions.

Black Dagger Paint shows off his painting skills on one of his Grey Knights.

WH 40k modeling blog by Agis has got some very nice Daemon Prince conversions.

The Grumpy Stunty has almost completed a really awesome Deffkopta.

Heresy Workshop demonstrates his mind boggling weathering techniques once again.

Stahly's Tale of Painters shows us a really nice Space Wolf Dread

Faeit 212 made some of the best natural terrain I have seen, and included a tutorial to boot.

Hope you enjoyed the first Blogger's Best.  More to come...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fateweaver / Lord of Change... Very early work in progress

So here is the first step of my Fateweaver/Lord of Change proxy.  I have added a wolf head to the left side of the body, and will be adding a cold one reptilian head to the right.  My plan is to partially fur the left portion of the body and wing, and sculpt scales to the right side of the model.  I will be adding some Octopus tentacles, a scorpion tail or two? as well as a large fish like fin to the backbone section.

This was a $10 ebay auction and once complete, has provided me with hours of fun and around 300pts to my Chaos Deamon Army.  Now that I think about it I could probably get away with running as a Summoned Greater Daemon for my Chaos Space Marine Army. Updates to come...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Grot Rod

Here is the latest addition to my Ork army, however I can't decide on which clan will get it.  This trukk was made on the cheap from a Battlewagon chassis I picked up from the Ebay's for around $3, and combined with a healthy dose of left over bits.  

The front end sports a single Head lamp left over from one of my GW building kits.  Kind of gives it a happy face wink now that I am looking at the pic :)

The real wheels where based off a some random Lego bits that were obtained (with permission) from my son.  I covered the rim with plasticard, and also layered it up on the tires themselves to create a more orky tread.  The spokes were some left over Deffkoppta parts, which seem to make it into most of my conversions some how.

The back of the engine is a little sparse, so I may need to do some cleanup/detail work until I am happy with it.  Since my first trukk has a BigShoota mounted on it, I wanted to change it up a bit and throw the "waste of points" rokkit on it somewhere.  I understand that 9 times out of 10 it will not do anything, but all I will remember is the time it did.

More to come soon...  Got updates for my Ku'gath/Great Unclean One coming soon, as well as Nurgle Obliterators, and a new custom Fateweaver/Lord of Change model I have been having fun with...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Battlegrounds LGS in Lancaster, CA

I have always played 40K at friends houses, and have kind of been nervous to go play in an actual store. Recently I have starting playing at Battlegrounds in Lancaster, CA, and realized I should have been doing this since I started the hobby.  This is something most people may have probably figured long ago, but took me 4 years, and am now kicking myself for it.

I have only played twice now at Battlegrounds, but I aim make it to their weekly 40K events.  Just wanted to thank the store for providing a place to meet, and the players for the easy going casual games.  No WAAC lists, just overall good times.

Also met the author or one of the authors from "Life After the Cover Save" or LAtCS who provided my first go against Blood Angels... good times, but my Ork army did not fair well.  Also had my first game against Tyranids which went spectacularly.... for him.  Unfortunately I have been practicing my sculpting much more than my playing and it shows.

Side note:  I recently made changes to my Tags on the Blogger layout, which caused several unrelated posts to suddenly be thrown to the top of my Blog... still trying to figure that one out.

Unknown Project

Unknown project.... will be a Chaos Vehicle of sorts, possible Apocalypse piece.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Scenery Terrain - Painting Sandstone Test #1

Here is the latest painting update, a test run at painting sandstone. Over all I was not completely happy with the results, but figure I would document them so I would not make the same mistakes again....(see below)....

Apply complete coat of DC AC Flesh

Use heavy wash of DC Brown Iron Oxide

Heavy dry brush of DC AC Flesh

Light dry brush of DC White

  1. Apply complete coat of DC AC Flesh
  2. Use heavy wash of DC Brown Iron Oxide
  3. Heavy dry brush of DC AC Flesh
  4. Light dry brush of DC White
...note to self: step 2 could use a lighter shade of brown, step 3 went on too wet.

Ork Clans - Bad Moons Painting Update - Deff Dread / Dreadnought

I re-painted the base of this Dread to match the desert sandstone theme of my table and the rest of my Ork armies.

Chaos Space Marine - Painting update - Slaanesh Dreadnought with Missile Launcher / Flamer

Sand stone basing applied to this Slaanesh Dreadnought.
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