Friday, May 11, 2012

Blogger's Best #5

Blogger's Best is my ongoing series featuring the work of the most inspiring modelers and painters that I have come across recently, in order to share their work with others and to help support the individual blogs and artists. Personally much inspiration has been obtained from the daily hunts sifting through the blogs, and I felt obligated to pay a little homage in return.

James Wappel Miniature Painting displays the one of the best painted Eldar vehicles I have seen in a while and the custom energy sculpting looks great to boot.  If that wasn't enough he also posted his fantastic Lucius the Eternal, which demonstrated his blending talents.

Rafa Coll Blog is just down right amazing, with his violinist diorama that shows some truly skilled work.  Sets a higher standard for any miniature artist.

Modern Sythesist has a custom squad of Dark Eldar Wracks that truly needs to be seen.  A lot of intricate work has gone into these.

White Metal Games has a innovative take on the Canoptek Wraiths mid phase coming in and out of the scenery bases.  Really looking forward to seeing these painted and finished... like I'm one to talk, I have a hard time finishing most projects. really has weathering down to a science.  I need to revisit this piece the next time I am painting any armored vehicle.  Seriously man you have some great talent.

Bestienmeister is working on some award winning painting.  The shading and blending is a work of art. Love to see the finished product.

Studio City created a beautiful Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer with a combination of many bits and green stuff.

That is all for this time, be back soon with another Blogger's Best...


Mr. Pink said...

Thanks for the shout-out, sir. It's a pleasure to be in such inspiring company. Here's hoping I can turn out a few more miniatures to get you going.

Warhammer In Progress said...

Anytime Mr. Pink!

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