Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blogger's Best #4

Blogger's Best is my ongoing series featuring the work of the most inspiring modelers and painters that I have come across recently, in order to share their work with others and to help support the individual blogs and artists. Personally much inspiration has been obtained from the daily hunts sifting through the blogs, and I felt obligated to pay a little homage in return.

This Blogger's Best may be a bit short on links, but that is only due to the fact that one person... eh hem (The Back 40K) created so much disgusting, they deserved to have four of their pics put up. 

Wh 40k Modelling Blog by Agis presents a beautiful dual wielding fallen Dark Angel Daemon Prince.

The Back 40K brought a big bowl of nasty to the table with his Dread, Rhino, Champion, and Daemon Prince.  Please check out all of these as they really offer quite a bit of inspiration.  Great stuff.

Eye of Error has a sick Lord to add to his Mariners Blight Army, still one of the most original looking armies out there.

Brovatar's Painting Blog delivers yet another outstanding paint job demonstrating his master skills on a beautiful squad of Salamanders.

Zen 40k  has a swamp themed Heavy Destroyer Necron that was too cool to pass up.

The Hobby Ambit has an original looking Battlewagon complete with woodchipper Deffrolla.

That's it for this Blogger's Best, will be back soon with painting updates for my Nurgle army and my second Ideal-Ideas featuring focusing on Obliterator conversions.


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