Thursday, April 12, 2012

Goff Nob Bikers - Deffkopta Conversions

Here are the early work in progress pics of my five Goff Nob Bikers.  Due to a shortage of wheels I decided to go for a snowmobile style front end, coupled with a triple barrel dakkagun replacement for the Deffkopta rokkits. I wanted the Painboy to stand out and have room for the Grot orderly so I decided for more of a swamp boat style bike with a side compartment for the Grot.

I still need to beef up the exhaust and add on the wargear... thinking about two power klaws, one or two big choppas, cybork, eavy armor, and some combi weapons.


Gigawatts said...

Diggin' the swamp boat fan. I also had issues with the length of the models. I switched mine over to ATV-style rokkit warbuggies.

Ingenious use of the landmine bomb bit and round sections of sprue on the wheel guards.

Thor said...

That's awesome. I really like the last two with the huge fat back wheel.

Ron Saikowski said...

Yes, the swamp boat fan is great! Talk about giving the models a unique look. What a wonderful conversion.

Ron, FTW

Mordian7th said...

Hah! Those are awesome! Great work, looking forward to seeing 'em painted up!

Warhammer In Progress said...

Yeah kinda figured the snowmobile look was a a stretch, and the swamp boat may have been too far out there, but I have seen swamp boats drive on land so what the hell... they are going to be based with a desert look anyway so sandmobiles??? Thanks for the encouragement!

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