Friday, November 25, 2011

First Paint Test - Unmarked Chaos Space Marine Defiler

This is the first paint test for my heavily possessed CSM army.  I have included some close-ups of the green stuffed areas, apologize for the lighting, still trying to get something that does not wash out the highlight areas... maybe need a different color backdrop.

BTW, I am still hoping for some feedback on other possible color schemes for the fleshy areas, and possible Chapter choice for this army, I know could be a little late since I have already based the entire army in red but....

I plan on repainting the teeth, gums, tongue and slime, but this shot shows some of the work that went into the skull, and mouth. 

Paint test #1: Zombie Flesh (CSM Defiler)
  1. Covered the flesh in Delta Ceramcoat (DC) AC Flesh
  2. Light wash of black
  3. Drybrush of  DC AC Flesh
  4. Drybrush of DC Pale Lilac
  5. Drybrush of DC Green Tea

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