Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chaos Space Marine / Chaos Daemons - Unmarked Defiler / Soul Grinder

This is one of two of my Defiler/Soul Grinders with 2 additional close combat weapons that were given to me by my friend Adam, the source of most of my Tyranid conversions.  Head and but are from a McDonald's Happy Meal T-Rex toy my son gave me.  I cut apart the skull and body from the T-Rex and then attached the skull to the cannon, and the body as the but of the spider.  Greenstuff was applied to most exposed parts of the T-Rex and textured with various dental tools.  Painting is far from done, but I am trying to get most of my stuff documented so I can track my progress.  Spent quite a few hours on the head, and am really like the way the eyeball hangs out of the socket.  This is another staple for all of my Chaos Space Marine / Chaos Daemons lists.  Defilers are just too fun to play and always intimidate.

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