Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Scenery Terrain - Painting Sandstone Test #1

Here is the latest painting update, a test run at painting sandstone. Over all I was not completely happy with the results, but figure I would document them so I would not make the same mistakes again....(see below)....

Apply complete coat of DC AC Flesh

Use heavy wash of DC Brown Iron Oxide

Heavy dry brush of DC AC Flesh

Light dry brush of DC White

  1. Apply complete coat of DC AC Flesh
  2. Use heavy wash of DC Brown Iron Oxide
  3. Heavy dry brush of DC AC Flesh
  4. Light dry brush of DC White
...note to self: step 2 could use a lighter shade of brown, step 3 went on too wet.


Vitor said...

Hi saw your blog on Faeit212. Nice job on the diorama! Like your site very much! Will add you to my blog exchange and you add me to yours if you want?

Warhammer In Progress said...

Thanks! and your site looks great. Love the Ventilator terrain. Will add you to the blog roll as well, been having some issues with it, as I have around 240+ blogs, but will get the kinks ironed out soon enough...

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