Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ork - Deathskulls Big Mek with KFF Painting Update

Here is the latest painting update, I'll let the pics show the progress.

Good view of the Kustom Force Field.

This is a nice shot showing how drastically the model is banking.

Steps Completed:

  • 3 colors of green applied to skin
  • Yellow cable for highlight colors
  • 3 colors of metallic paints applied to engine, Kustom Force Field (KFF), burna, tires...
  • Black wash applied to complete model
  • Sponge silver paint, and silver Sharpie used for battle damage on the metallic areas
  • Base painted in the sand stone test #1 post


MasterOwen said...

That looks pretty sweet, great conversion!

Warhammer In Progress said...

Thanks, appreciate it. Something about Orks on unicycles does it for me as well. Thinking about a Meganob-Monowheel squad to go along with it...

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