Thursday, February 2, 2012

Battlegrounds LGS in Lancaster, CA

I have always played 40K at friends houses, and have kind of been nervous to go play in an actual store. Recently I have starting playing at Battlegrounds in Lancaster, CA, and realized I should have been doing this since I started the hobby.  This is something most people may have probably figured long ago, but took me 4 years, and am now kicking myself for it.

I have only played twice now at Battlegrounds, but I aim make it to their weekly 40K events.  Just wanted to thank the store for providing a place to meet, and the players for the easy going casual games.  No WAAC lists, just overall good times.

Also met the author or one of the authors from "Life After the Cover Save" or LAtCS who provided my first go against Blood Angels... good times, but my Ork army did not fair well.  Also had my first game against Tyranids which went spectacularly.... for him.  Unfortunately I have been practicing my sculpting much more than my playing and it shows.

Side note:  I recently made changes to my Tags on the Blogger layout, which caused several unrelated posts to suddenly be thrown to the top of my Blog... still trying to figure that one out.


Faolain said...

I also play at Battlegrounds. I haven't been in a few weeks, but good to know we've got new blood coming in.

Warhammer In Progress said...

Liking it so far, looking forward to playing again, see ya there.

Loken said...

I just played at the LA Battle Bunker Saturday and met two guys from Battleground, Jason and Alan. Both AWESOME guys and the type of people that make the hobby great. I plan on coming up soon to return the favor. Maybe some Apocalypse? :-)


Warhammer In Progress said...

Just played again last Tuesday, and going back this Tuesday as well. I hear they do Apoc games, but don't have any specifics on the dates.

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