Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fateweaver / Lord of Change... Very early work in progress

So here is the first step of my Fateweaver/Lord of Change proxy.  I have added a wolf head to the left side of the body, and will be adding a cold one reptilian head to the right.  My plan is to partially fur the left portion of the body and wing, and sculpt scales to the right side of the model.  I will be adding some Octopus tentacles, a scorpion tail or two? as well as a large fish like fin to the backbone section.

This was a $10 ebay auction and once complete, has provided me with hours of fun and around 300pts to my Chaos Deamon Army.  Now that I think about it I could probably get away with running as a Summoned Greater Daemon for my Chaos Space Marine Army. Updates to come...


Loken said...

Hey man! Great blog. Are you interested in exchanging spots on each other's blog rolls?



Warhammer In Progress said...

Thanks, and will do. I have been having some problems adding some of the newer blogs, as my mist is up over 200+, but I am working to get this issue resolved.

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