Friday, March 9, 2012

250 Members to the W.I.P. Blogroll

We are up to 250 members actively running in the W.I.P. blogrolls.  I have had to split them up into 3 sections, organized alphabetically, due to Blogger issues when you get 100+, things start to act a bit strange.  Each section will feature the latest 25 posts, for a total of 75 updates from my favorite sites across the net.

Also new is the W.I.P. Blogroll tab at the top of the page showing the full list of all 250 Blogs, as well as an easy subscribe button to add them all to your reader.


FD Mini Painting said...

thats so cool i been checking in on your blog but had no idea you had a blog roll let alone we were on it keep up the great work mate!

Warhammer In Progress said...

Yeah, been trying to tag the good blogs when I see them. Lots of inspiration out there to choose from. LOve your latest Shrike GS conversion.

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