Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cyberwolves - Warhound Conversion

Here are my early work in progress shots of my Space Wolves Cyberwolves.  These are originally Chaos Warhounds without the horns and tails, and combined with Space Marine backpacks for head and ears, and a little guitar string for some mechanical goodness.  Still working out exactly how I want to do the tail, since I want to have around 30-45 standard wolves, I am looking for something that is not too time consuming.  Overall I am happy with the progress so far, but due to the new release of the Space Wolves, I now need to replace all my original cavalry bases with 40mm round bases.  Updates to come.


Ron Saikowski said...

These look spectacular!
Ron, FTW

Matthew Ochs said...

They have backpacks on their heads? Ha ha ha, oddly, it works!

Warhammer In Progress said...

Thanks guys, I wanted to try and add some mechanical legs, but they just did not seem to look right.

Thor said...

Well done. I didn't catch the backpacks at first but I agree with Matthew, they work.

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