Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bloggers Best #2

Back with my second Blogger's Best featuring my favorite picks this month.  Some really impressive work going on out there that I wanted to share with everyone.  Hope you enjoy it, thanks for reading.

Sincain40k shows off some of his awesome painting skills on this landspeeder.

The Fallen Princes brings a great Tech Marine inspired conversion.

The Butcher's Bill has a great set of spawn and a Great Unclean One for his Lost and the Damned.

Marsekay's Painting delivers a sweet Terminator Librarian.

Juggers's Garage makes me envious of his terrain size.

dieVincis has a very cool table that would be a treat to play on.

Heresy Workshop created a very impressive Fortress.

Rust and the City shows some good tips for Nurglizing, and inspired me with his sick Dread.

A Guardsman Guide to Glory has a quality piece of Apoc size terrain.


Cameron said...

Thanks for the shout out. I've enjoyed checking out your nurgle creations too. Looking forward to the finished obliterators!

Warhammer In Progress said...

Anytime Cameron, I always felt appreciative when other Blogger's posted something about my work, so I figure it is time to start doing the same.

Todd Sherman said...

Thanks for the link .. 8)

Warhammer In Progress said...

Credit where credit is due, great work man!

jugger said...

Appreciate the link my man!

Warhammer In Progress said...

Anytime, great stuff jugger.

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