Friday, November 11, 2011

Ork Clans - Goff Battlewagon with Deffrolla

Been working on this one off and on for a year now...  still needs some work.  The turret on top will eventually have magnetized options for 1-4 big shootas or 1-4 missles.  I like the versatility of the kannon, and just for options I have made a Zzap gunn attatchment (not shown) that slides into the barrel.  The Deffrolla was made from bottle caps, plasticard, wire, and random bits.  I have also just started constructing a wrecking ball, and grabbing klaw from left over defiler arms.  I didn't really like how skinny the stock model was so this one is as wide as a Land Raider.

This will be used for transporting my Goff Ard Boyz with Warboss (pics coming soon)

I included a experimental custom Khorne Bezerker for size omparison.  This model was made from an ork body, Orge head, Bezerker weapon, and greenstuff cloak.  Overall I liked the model, but it was too time consuming to make a whole squad.  Might end up using him as a Herald in my Daemon army.

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