Friday, November 11, 2011

Ork Clans - Bad Moons Killa Kan with Grotzooka

As you have already seen from some of my earlier posts, I use the Krylon Fusion paint a lot.  This allows me to quickly coat the model, and then dip the whole model until I am happy the base color.  From this point I can add the metallic details, skin colors...

These models were yet another Deffkopta conversion.  The feet were made from Ork Chain swords, and many trukk bits were used to in obvious places.  I still wanted to fit with the fluff so I had them piloted by Grots.  Unfortunately, I based them on 40mm's just before the new 60mm kans came out, so re-basing will need to be done.

The Grotzookas have made their points back just about every time I have played them.  I believe they are a highly underutilized Ork unit.

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