Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ork Clans - Bad Moons Grot Tanks - Big Gunz: Kannon / Lobba

Set of 3 Grot tanks used as Kannons or Lobbas.  The treads were made from $1 matchbox tractors, and bulked up with plasticard.  The barrels and hulls were made from pen caps with some bits and plasticard.  I used yellow Krylon Fusion paint with several washes of brown and black to get that dingy lived in feeling.  The same technique was used on my killa kans which are not yet finished.

These are a great cheap unit, and one of the best Ork anti-tank options next to the power klaw. Total cost around $6.


HOTpanda said...

Have you built anything for the Slaver to ride in or be placed in?

W.I.P. said...

Well, I normally run this squad fairly cheap. 3 Kannons, which include krew of 6, and 3 ammo grots, for a total of 69 points, nice and cheap. If I threw in a Slaver (Grotherder) for another 10pts, it would make sense to add a few to the krew as well (additional 6, 18pts). This would bring the total close to 100pts.

Sidetracked a bit, so to answer the question, no I have not. I could see a mechanized slaver, with possible tank treads for legs and typical Ork torso. Would like to start this, but I am trying to finish painting a few more projects before I dive back into modeling. Thanks for the idea.

HOTpanda said...

They look fantastic and add a metric ton to your army in terms of feel and theme.

HOTpanda said...

Looks like you had your Sunday Best on when you appeased the Big Mek side of you. Hope you don't mind me throwing you a shout out on my weekly themed top-x at thechaosmanifesto.blogspot.com/. Cheers and thanks for sharing.

W.I.P. said...

Thanks for the supportive comments! and inspiration to complete a Slaver with a proper crew. Yes, I would appreciate the mention on your Blog, it would be great.

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